Out Kast Krew Iron Order MC
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The Out Kast Krew came into being in September 2011. We are a group of like minded men that love the biker lifestyle. We are NOT one percenters. We are law abiding, hard working men that love the friendship and camaraderie of this lifestyle. We have a strong camaraderie within our chapter, and with the other chapters in the nation. We are independent, therefore we are not associated with any other groups, clubs, or associations. We are a traditional MC, and have the same hang around and probationary traditions as the MCs that were started 50 years ago.
We do not cause trouble for our community. We do participate in charities that benefit our community, and we support our own brothers. We are active military, veterans, propane men, tatto artists, business men, cops, feds, lawyers, truckers, mechanics, geeks, cooks, doctors, bankers, construction workers, factory workers, and just about any other combination of workers you can imagine. If you have partied or ridden with us, you know who we are. We are about motorcycles, brotherhood, and enjoying the biker lifestyle.
We are what we say we are, nothing more, nothing less.
If you are law abiding, looking for strong brotherhood, and love riding a motorcycle, maybe we are for you. We are constantly asked "What is the IOMC?" Don't listen to the sidewalk commandos and weekend warriors. If you are interested, contact us or come out and meet us. Then you can decide what the IOMC is for yourself, and if it is for you.